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Why do we need writers?

Because we want to help developers not only find their dream job, but also thrive in it. We don't know everything, so we need your stories and advice to share with the rest of the community.

What's in it
for you?

Your work will be read by thousands of developers around the world, including your friends, colleagues, employers, potential clients, and everyone in between. You'll also impact the lives of other developers, programmers, and engineers in your community. Plus, if your work is really good, we'll pay you for it!

What to
send us?

You can submit a rough draft, an outline, or a short pitch of your idea. Make sure it's original content that you haven't written about before. Also, cite your sources if you make any claims and stick to our style guide. We want content that's written for developers, not anyone else.

What not to
send us?

Don't send us work that doesn't belong to you, tutorials, guides, technical topics, or unsolicited pictures.

What we'll be

We want well-written, well-researched, story-driven content that fits our audience. We want to know about the challenges you face, the challenges you've overcome, crazy stories from the workplace, and life around code.

How to submit?

Share the article via Google Docs, attach accompanying images, and a short bio about yourself