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Accessibility, better DX, and performance get a lot of attention as it improves better UX significantly. Plus, it gives satisfaction to devs by seeing the significant improvements.

But how about internationalization?

A fun fact: Over 70% of the users in the world access non-English content. In this talk, we will show you more surprising facts about internationalization and what are scalable approaches. You'll see examples with libraries for frameworks with a few different logic to implement different internationalization layouts.

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// Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok

Arisa is a Frontend Developer who became a DevRel Engineer. She works at Storyblok to share and improve better DX through talks, maintaining SDKs, and tutorials. Her mission is to learn, speak, connect and help. Outside of her work, she is a GDE and a GirlCode ambassador. In her private time, she is a longboarder, a snowboarder, a yogi, and an Aikido fighter.

Now he's a Senior Frontend Developer at Lemon.io, YouTube Tech and Cybersecurity Blogger.