Introducing Eurotrip

South Edition!

Unlike kiwi, lemon isn’t a name for a fruit and a bird. But it doesn’t mean we don’t like to fly south when the weather gets yucky!

Join us there!

This is for you if you’re:

A Full-time/Part-time Developer with fluent English

working with javascript, python and other popular stacks

A Middle/Senior Developer (3+ years of experience)

Hey, Meet us in person under the warm southern sun!

This autumn,’s grown a pair of wings to fly south and meet you there! Porto, Lisbon, and Barcelona will be officially lemonized. So how about trading your keyboard hours for a sunny-warm meeting with our team for an evening?

What exactly will you do? — Meet our recruiters, ask your questions, release some steam, and have fun! Like always, it’s going to be anything but sour and boring. Typically, even those who don’t like to hang out do LOVE hanging out with us!

Most importantly: we aim to make the main source of income for 1,000 devs by the end of this year. And you’ve got a great opportunity to become one of them (if you aren’t with us yet). How about this?

What's & how can we help to boost your career is a marketplace where amazing and independent developers meet their dream clients from Silicon Valley start-ups! We offer access to long-term remote cooperation, fair rates, and direct communications with out-of-this-world clients. And our team is always ready to help if anything goes wrong.

How to join? — 3+ years of experience, decent portfolio, and good command of English. Learn more about us on the home page for developers:

About our trip events

The Euro Trip events are great opportunities to meet staff, hang out together, get to know each other better, network, and have fun. As we know, remote jobs have a lot of advantages. But still, there’s one thing we miss from time to time — the ability to face a living human being from the same industry.

Several team members from the recruitment dept will travel to 3 locations across Southern Europe to meet and get acquainted with you. It’s going to be anything but sour! No lectures and serious talks. No boring speeches and stupid motivational stuff! Only informal chats, funny stories, and unlimited fun. And, of course — we’ll answer all of your questions you weren’t dare to ask during the interview or in written communications.

Come and let’s rock the South!

Join us there!