JavaScript as my ally in a non-coding job!

Mar 1 2023 | Online

Join to master JS skills

Take your JavaScript skills to the next level! Our event series is designed specifically for developers who want a deeper understanding of JavaScript and how it can be used in web development projects.

Take your skills to the next level:

• Learn from expert in the field
• Connect with other developers
• Ask questions and receive feedback

It’s for you if:

You're a senior JS developer (we won’t cover basic topics)

You're fluent in English (google translate won’t be of much help)

You're passionate about writing quality code to solve problems

When? — Choose your date and subtopic, or join them all!

February 1, Reverse engineering of web applications
February 8, Monkey-patching in JavaScript 
February 15, Developing Chrome extensions in JavaScript 
February 22, Extending an existing application: the good, the bad and the evil

// UTC +3 Wednesdays 17:30 – 18:15


// Speech language: ENGLISH

February 1

Reverse engineering of web applications

After the event, you'll know how to reverse engineer an existing system, product, or application to extend web app functionality without access to original source code.

We’ll discuss: 
// tools and techniques that can be used to reverse engineer web applications
// ethical considerations that come with this practice.

// Speech language: ENGLISH

February 15

Developing browser extensions in JavaScript

After the event, you’ll know how to develop JavaScript browser extensions to extend web application functionality, automate tasks, and customize the browsing experience.

We will discuss:
// how to set up the development environment
// how to interact with the browser and web page
// show to publish and distribute your extension 

// Speech language: ENGLISH

February 22

Extending an existing application: the good,
the bad, and the evil

After the event, you’ll know how to extend an existing application to add new features or customize an application to better fit your needs.

We will discuss:
// pros and cons of extending an existing application
// risks of breaking the application or causing unintended side effects
// best practices and guidelines for extending applications in a responsible and sustainable way

// Speech language: ENGLISH

march 1

Monkey-patching in JavaScript

After the event, you’ll know how to use monkey-patching to dynamically alter the behavior of a function or object at runtime to extend functionality without modifying the original code.

We’ll discuss:
// how to use monkey-patching in JavaScript
// advantages and disadvantages of this technique
// cases in which it is most appropriate to use

mighty Speaker

Luís Filipe Teófilo

// Lead Software and AI Engineer

1. Senior Lecturer at Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo
2. Ex Director of Engineering in Toptal
3. CTO at infraPLAN LLC

Luís is an experienced software engineer with over a decade of experience in AI and Machine Learning. He holds a Ph.D. and Master's in Informatics Engineering and teaches Computer Science at a university. He is a skilled team leader and manager, having held positions as an engineering manager and director of engineering.

Organizer — a marketplace where the best talents meet the best clients. We match experienced software developers with the most progressive US- and EU-based startups and tech companies. We’re building in public and sharing our progress on our CEO’s Twitter. Lemon’s main goal for 2023: become the main source of income for 1001 engineers.